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You can also vote in the next election. While the FCC is supposed to be a nonpartisan commission focused on doing what’s best for the United States, we’ve seen the agency morph into a gnarly beast of a political machine in recent years. That means when you’re voting for your next president, you’re also voting for the next FCC commissioner who will tug the strings of regulations that dictate how the internet will work for the foreseeable future. It’s not a perfect system. It’s a clusterfuck, in fact. But at least we still have some semblance of a democracy in America. Just a little bit.

But, as BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith recently wrote, we’re all starting to see through that : “The tech industry has also benefited for years from its enemies, who it cast—often accurately—as Luddites who genuinely didn’t understand the series of tubes they were ranting about, or protectionist industries that didn’t want the best for consumers. That, too, is over.” Now political figures on the left and right see these companies, and their investors, for what they are: just another round of Gilded Age robber barons riding high on the once utopian promise of their main innovation, now squeezing the last breath out of the rest of the economy.

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Andro tech steroids

andro tech steroids


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