East german sks

Last figures I saw suggests that the population of Canada is in the neighbourhood of just over 35 million. Number of “known” guns in Canada is in the neighbourhood of 14 million. Note I said “known” guns. So roughly you can figure that there are enough guns for half of the population. The other half by the way vote Liberal. Seems Canada has no shortage and the SKS is imported from all manufacturing countries and they sell for $200. cdn. or less so Canadians really like them. Given that with some limitations the ×39 is pretty darn close to a 30-30 I doubt Canada is an unarmed country. I own a Russian SKS and it is a very good if not excellent firearm. Had two M1 Garands at one time and sure they were powerful out to long range but I’m so old I couldn’t see as far as they could shoot so who needs one. As for any argument comparing SKS to AK, whatever works for you.

East german sks

east german sks


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