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Don’t try to be heard. Try and listen. This one is related to the above. If you are considering the other players as more important than yourself, you will be listening to what they are doing. Besides what they are playing, you will notice how they are playing, and will be able to adjust if they change. The beauty is that communication begins only when all are listening well to one another, and the team can then adjust simultaneously. Some bands are so good at this that very little body language or facial expression is needed to communicate effectively.

Back at the Command Center, Jason tried to raise moral among the other Rangers, who were considering on giving up entirely now that both Zordon and the Zords were gone. Alpha, who was also set on not giving up, told that Rangers that he would not accept them submitting to defeat and asked Billy of what chance they had of restoring Zordon, for which the later responded that there was possibility of restoring their mentor was less than ten percent, further decreasing morale among the Rangers. Jason, unwilling to let his team give up, tried to convince them to stay as the smallest chance of victory was enough reason to keep fighting, although Zack countered by saying that the Green Ranger was Rita's trump card against them and by playing it she had won. Eventually, Alpha was able to uncover the Green Ranger's true identity, which to Jason's shock turned out to be Tommy Oliver . Tommy had been a worthy opponent at a Karate match from earlier and was the very last person Jason expected to be the Green Ranger.

Gear talk with jason trenbolone

gear talk with jason trenbolone


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