Hpta shutdown steroid

I wouldn't consider myself highly educated about aas just reasonably knowledgable. In saying that I don't see the logic in most of what you're suggesting. Coming off and pct from a cruise makes sense in terms of long esters since things like deca will linger around for quite some time making a proper pct difficult but if you're running short esters it should be an issue. Also reducing test dosage doesn't really make sense since if your using a long ester it essentially self tapers so there's no need to try and go to a low dose of like 50mg. At the end of the day you're shutdown, no hard shutdown or light you're just shutdown so if you are running 500mg test e and let it clear for a few weeks how is that any different from working down to 50mg then waiting the same few weeks? It doesn't seem to make sense from everything I've read and understand. Plus if you do a proper pct there shouldn't be a need for a lighter one later. Use pharma pct meds and a pct to suit the sort of blast you did and everything should be all good. Complications would usually come from things like ugl pct meds or not considering compounds like deca take time to clear so your pct wouldn't work well which after further bloods means you'd end up probably doing a proper pct again and hopefully realise your mistake. I'm not having a go or anything just don't really understand the logic behind the stuff you are saying.

Hpta shutdown steroid

hpta shutdown steroid


hpta shutdown steroidhpta shutdown steroidhpta shutdown steroidhpta shutdown steroid