Hysteroid personality

The methodological approach employed in the second part of the study is one of comparing the psychological insights of two scholars of mysticism, William James and Evelyn Underhill, with a theory of personality development. The two theorists, William James and Evelyn Underhill, who have set the agenda for the psychological study of mysticism, provide different but complementary psychological analyses of the inner discord found in some mystics. James considers what he refers to as the divided self from the perspective of religious experience in general. The value of this approach is that it makes it possible to see the relationship between the mystical struggle and other forms of religious struggle. While there is an implicit process of development in James' exposition, Underhill describes an explicit model of mystical stages and locates the mystical struggle within the beginning stages. In addition Underhill provides an examination of the mystical response to the experience of inner division, ., the disciplines of asceticism and meditation.

During this period Lovecraft revived his earlier scientific periodicals. [29] He endeavored to commit himself to the study of organic chemistry ; Susie buying the expensive glass chemistry assemblage he wanted. [35] Lovecraft found his studies were hobbled by the mathematics involved, which he found boring and would cause headaches that would incapacitate him for a day. [36] Lovecraft's first poem that wasn't self published appeared in a local newspaper in 1912. Called "Providence in 2000 .", the poem envisioned a future where proper people of English heritage were displaced by immigrants. [37] Surviving unpublished poems from this period, most notoriously "On the Creation of Niggers", were also emblematic of the xenophobia and racism inherent in much of Lovecraft's later work. [38]

Hysteroid personality

hysteroid personality


hysteroid personalityhysteroid personalityhysteroid personality