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Normally in cases of tick paralysis, the removal of the ticks will result in an improvement of the symptoms within a day or not; some species of tick requires additional therapy. There is a strong possibility of an infectious disease, I am not familiar with the epizootiological situation in India for infectious diseases in dogs; however tick borne diseases (as opposed to tick paralysis) are possible and cause high fevers as well as paralysis and hyperesthesia. Medications like doxycycline and supportive care are the treatment of choice; it may be worth taking samples from lymph nodes for examination to see if an infectious organism is found to help assist with the diagnosis. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM

Well when using pro hormones and other products like it. It is for muscle gain and weight benefits. From taking products like these is great while working out everyday. First time I took something similar i seen weight lost… muscle gain/lean . But don’t take after 4 weeks. If your a rookie to the test. The longest i have taken anything like it. Was 5 weeks .I also take milk thisel 1 cap every few days. This is my experience. I’ve been 290 pounds with 22 percent body fat. To . I’ve used different pro hormones. And seen a crazy change in my body from head to toe. After 2 weeks you see a change. also was working out at the gym for 1 hour day or at home 6 days a week. Now trying another product like this. And can wait . See what I can complete the end of my 4 weeks. I stopped working out for long time. So it will be exciting!!!

I have a Standard Poodle that has had cronic severe ear infections for 10 years. He had the problem before I got him. I have had him to the vet numerous times and have tried several different vets. None of the vets have been able to heal him. The vet that has worked with him the longest says that it is most likely an allergic reaction to something, to what she doesn’t know. I have tried several different kinds of grain free foods, but no improvement. At times his ears smell really bad, there is a dark brown discahrge and his ears will bleed sometimes when I am cleaning them. He scratches and shakes his head often.

Roxi labs steroids

roxi labs steroids


roxi labs steroidsroxi labs steroids