Steroid cream to lighten skin

Google skin clinics near ur area..if u are from south africa like me u can go to Diva Slimming Aesthetics in Sunninghill, they do removal of steetchmarks. Well stretchmarks wont completely go away but atleast they can fade after a few treatments. Bio oil and other stretchmark creams alone, wont help with severe stretchmarks u need laser treatments to get them removed. They charge R1200 for 3 sessions in 1 area for removal of stretchmarks. Bio oil and other creams will only help abit I guess…Steroid creams like epiderm, bethnovate, movate, g&g, diproson, all creams that come with tubes all contain steroids…steroids cause stretchmarks in the long run…hydroquinine products can only be used for a short while if u use hydroquinone for too long, it makes dark patches on ur forehead called ochronosis. Ladies u must google information first for anything u want to do or anything the u!

What works: Retin-A cream. It's most effective on newer, red marks, but steer clear of it if you're pregnant or nursing. "Retin-A builds up collagen, the firming fibers that were broken when skin was stretched," Dr. Jaliman explains. Side effects include temporary redness and flaky, dry skin. Microdermabrasion -- a procedure in which tiny crystals are blasted against your skin to remove the top layer and stimulate collagen production -- can treat older stretch marks. In addition, the FDA recently approved a new laser treatment that adds pigment to older, lighter stretch marks so they blend into surrounding skin.

I’m 28 and only within the last few years began having acne issues. Prior to using the pumpkin seed oil, my forehead and temples were just a mass of tiny bumps, now they are as smooth as can be, but now all of the sudden my cheeks break out all the time and so does my back, but my back breakouts aren’t all of the sudden. A little over a year ago, I went to a derm who prescribed all sorts of topical meds for my face and my back but they just dried my skin out like crazy so I decided I wanted to do something totally natural, which lead me to the pumpkin seed oil and subsequently the ACV.

Steroid cream to lighten skin

steroid cream to lighten skin


steroid cream to lighten skinsteroid cream to lighten skinsteroid cream to lighten skinsteroid cream to lighten skinsteroid cream to lighten skin