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By 2061, it is estimated that there will be more than 78 thousand centenarians living in Canada. This is a huge increase from about six thousand reported in the 2011 Census. In the ., more than 1 million centenarians by 2050 are expected. For most people, planning for retirement or their later years is focused mostly on finances and how they will spend their time. However, ensuring they spend those years in good health is something that many overlook. The times are certainly changing, with medical advances and technological breakthroughs, planning for retirement and living longer needs to be more holistic.

Facebook’s content strategy is almost certainly to prove functionality and its ability to drive users to the service, and then try to lure other content producers to the service. But like a number of Facebook products before it, it’s unclear why publishers would want to use the platform. For example, Facebook Live already allows publishers to stream content like protests or post- Game of Thrones commentary live to their pages. They can also push regular video content wherever they want without an exclusive deal, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, and all three of these channels can be embedded elsewhere.

Youtube cash on steroids

youtube cash on steroids


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